"Tria Lamda" company is a family business that plays a leading part in the Bread and Pastry Making area for the last 25 years, specified in the production of cookies. It has laid particular weight to products originated from traditional recipes, gathered together with love and effort, from many districts of Greece.

With the addition of the very finest raw materials, we come to the remembrance of such beloved old flavors. Sugared buns with lye and butter, gristle must-rolls that smell delicious, small honey cakes with semolina, cinnamon, orange and "ouzo" cookies, are only some of the tasty temptations of "Tria Lamda".

The company has placed between its regular range of products modern recipes keeping up with the latest developments, such as filled cookies with jam and several cremes, but also traditional sesame sticks.

For the last years, in the attempt to face the demands of healthy nutrition, the company turns out products with new flavors such as corn, rye, sunflower seed etc. with the same great taste, but with fewer calories.

With the contribution of its highly trained and experienced staff, with art and longing, innovates with products even more appealing. We are always standing on our customersʼ side, ensuring full service with our own distribution network.

"Tria Lamda" with art and longing, is always on the set of new surprises, of new creations, keeping up with the target of excellent quality and special taste.